Proceedings Delft, 1985

Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures


Systematic design, drawing and visualisation, artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering, implications for practice.


Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures
International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design
Edited by Alan Pipes
18 and 19 September 1985, Delft, The Netherland
Butterworths London, 1986
ISBN: 0-408-01357-5
Delft, 1985


  • Any progress in systematic design? A.H. Bridges
  • Design methodology: how do I understand and develop it. W. Gasparski
  • Layout design problems: systematic approaches. E. Shaviv
  • The profits of CAAD can be increased by an integrated participatory design approach. S.K. Wrona
  • Computer graphics and visualization. D.P. Greenberg
  • Three-dimensional input and visualisation. R. Aish
  • 3RM: a spatial relational reference model. M. de Jong
  • Three-dimensional visualisation: a case study. D.J. Vanier and J. Worling
  • An overview of knowledge engineering and its relevance to CAAD. J.S. Gero
  • Requirements for knowledge-based systems in design. J. Lansdown
  • Designing with words and pictures in a logic modelling environment. A. Bijl
  • Constraint-bounded design search. G. Carrara and G. Novembri
  • Representing the structure of design problems. B.S. Logan
  • CAD in the Netherlands: integrated CAD. R. Schijf
  • CAAD: shorter-term gains; longer-term costs? R. Walters
  • How can CAD provide for the changing role of the architect? S. Ruffle
  • A unified model for building. B.J.Q. Wheeler
  • Problems in CAD practice. K. Straub
  • CAD in Polish building. A. Kociolek