Proceedings Eindhoven, 1987

CAADFutures '87


Education, evaluation, visualisation, knowledge-based systems, expert systems, rule-based systems, language, geometry.


CAADFutures ‘87
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures
Edited by Tom Maver and Harry Wagter
20-22 May 1987, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1988
ISBN: 0-444-42916-6


  • CAD-techniques in architecture and building design, a realistic (over)view. H. Wagter.
  • Computer-drafting – State of the art. S. Port.
  • Strategies for CAAD education – The Singapore way. R. Schijf.
  • Software tools for the technical evaluation of design alternatives. T. Maver.
  • The structure of the automation process: implication for CAAD. E. Boesjes.
  • Computers and visualisation of design ideas: Possibilities and promises. J. Landsdown.
  • Future roles of knowledge-based systems in the design process. J. Gero and M. Maher.
  • Expert systems and interactive fractal generators in design and evaluation. G. Schmitt.
  • Logical models for rule-based CAAD. T. Oksala.
  • Expert systems for detail design in buildings. T. Cornick and S. Bull.
  • Talking about design: supporting the design process with different goals. L. Lapre and P. Hudson.
  • Natural language interface for CAAD system. R. Moshe and E. Shaviv.
  • Requirements for developing an information system for architecture. M. Beheshti and M. Monroy.
  • Geometrical fundamentals for design and visualisation of spatial objects. H. Emde.
  • The role of media technology in the design studio. P. Purcell.
  • Optical discs – Their application in mass data storage. M. Lehto.
  • Plastic modelling – The flexible modelling of the logic of structure and spaces. J. Frazer.
  • Digital image: A bridge towards mental images? M. Porada.
  • Future developments in graphics and workstations. F. Hopgood and D. Duce.
  • From drafting to design: New programming tools are needed. C. Zelissen.