Proceedings Pittsburgh, 1993

CAADFutures '93
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures


Shape recognition and emergence, generative systems, prediction and evaluation, precedents and prototypes, human-computer interaction, decision support environments and product models, cooperative design, trends in practice.


CAADFutures ‘93
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures
Edited by Ulrich Flemming and Skip van Wyk
7-10 July 1993, Pittsburgh, USA
North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1993
ISBN: 0-444-8922-7


  • Discovering emergent shapes using a data-driven symbolic model, Gero, J.S. and Yan, M., page 3-17.
  • A connectionist approach to shape recognition and transformation, Liu, Y-T., page 19-36.
  • Emergence and continuity in shape grammars, Stiny, G., page 37-54.
  • Spatial grammars - Motivation, comparison, and new results, Krishnamurti, R. and Stouffs, R., page 57-74.
  • Loyouts, solids, grammar interpreters, and fire stations, Woodbury, R. and Griffith, E., page 75-90.
  • CDT - A computer-assisted diagramming tool, Dave, B., page 91-109.
  • Incommensurability of criteria and focus in design generation, Papazian, P., page 111-125.
  • PLASM functional approach to design - Representation of geometry, Paoluzzi, A. and Pascucci, V. and Vincentino, M., page 127-141.
  • Describing spaces of rectangular dissections via grammatical programming, Carlson, C., page 143-158.
  • Simultaneous form generation and performance evaluation - A “two-way” inference approach, Flemming, U. and Mahdavi, A., page 161-173.
  • Adjacency structures as mappings between function and structure in discrete static systems, Meyer, S. and Fenves, S.J., page 175-193.
  • “Open” simulation environments - A “preference-based” approach, Mahdavi, A., page 195-214.
  • An approach to automated scoring of architectural designs, Oltman, P.K. and Bejar, I.I. and Kim, S.H., page 215-224.
  • Minicode generator - A methodology to extract generic building codes, Vanier, D.J., page 225-239.
  • A computerized fire safety evaluation system for business occupancies, Ozel, F., page 241-251.
  • Analogy, exploration, and generalization - Three activities for knowledge-based architectural design systems, Guena, F. and Zreik, K., page 255-272.
  • PRECEDENTS - Memory structure in design case libraries, Oxman, R. and Oxman, R., page 273-287.
  • Hypertext, solid modeling, and hierarchical structures in formal architectural analysis, Saggio, A., page 289-309.
  • Leading indicators of CAD experience, Bhavnani, S.K. and Garrett, J.H. and Shaw, D.S., page 313-334.
  • Behavior modeling in design system development, Coyne, R.F. and Flemming, U. and Piela, P. and Woodbury, R., page 335-354.
  • KNODES - Knowledge-based design decision support, Rutherford, J.H., page 357-374.
  • Information models for integrated design, Nederveen, S. van and Bakkeren, W. and Luiten, B., page 375-390.
  • A time dimension for computer-aided architectural design systems, Smeltzer, G.T.A. and Dijkstra, J., page 391-403.
  • A4 digital building - Extensive computer support for building design, construction, and management, Hovestadt, L., page 405-421.
  • A hierarchical model for building applications, Bedell, J.R. and Kohler, N., page 423-435.
  • A component-based approach to building product representation and design development, Harfmann, A.C. and Majkowski, B. and Chen, S.S., page 437-452.
  • Synchronous support and emergence in collaborative CAAD, Maher, M.L. and Gero, J.S. and Saad, M., page 455-470.
  • Making the problem visible - Project specific information in collaborative design, Bakergem, W.D. van and Obata, G., page 471-480.
  • Communication in cooperative building design, Bhat, R.R. and Gauchel, J. and Wyk, S. van, page 481-493.
  • Introducing CAD to a big corporation, Muller, V., page 497-512.
  • Establishing virtual design environments in architectural practice, Dagit III, C.E., page 513-522.
  • Cutting up time - Craft and technology in the niches project, Lindsey, B. and Rosenblatt, P., page 523-541.
  • Computational issues in urban design - Developing a strategy for solar impact assessment, Wright, R.M. and Hoinkes, R.M., page 543-555.
  • ISSUE Interactive software systems for the urban environment, Grant, M., page 557-564.