Proceedings Zurich, 1991

CAADFutures '91
Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures - Education, Research, Applications
Friedrich Vieweg & Sohn Verlagsgesellschaft mbH


Education, shape grammars, evaluation, research, simulation, creativity, case-based reasoning, application, knowledge-based systems, visualization.


CAADFutures ‘91
Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures - Education, Research, Applications
Edited by Gerhard N. Schmitt
Friedrich Vieweg & Sohn Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Braunschweig/Wiesbaden, 1992
ISBN: 3-528-08821-4


  • Integrating shape grammars and design analysis, Mitchell, W.J. and Liggett, R.S. and Pollalis, S.N. and Tan, M., page 1-18.
  • Designing with grammars, Knight, T.W., page 19-34.
  • Experiments in architectural design development using CAD, Eastman, C.M. and Lang, J., page 35-49.
  • DAC or design and computers, Bridges, A.H., page 51-61.
  • Design education with computers, Madrazo, L., page 63-81.
  • Imagining light - A visualization of daylighting data, Sumption, B. and Haglund, B. and Zabrodsky, A., page 83-89.
  • A stratified approach to the integration of low cost modeling with advanced technology rendering, Liggett, R. and Jepson, W. and Teodosiadis, S., page 91-105.
  • The computer-aided studio critic - Gaining control of what we look at, Danahy, J., page 107-123.
  • An evaluation module for “An interface for design” (AID) - A procedure based on trichotomic segmentation, Mortola, E. and Giangrande, A., page 125-142.
  • On knowing - Feeling and expression, Bijl, A., page 143-160.
  • An intelligent simulation approach in simulating dynamic processes in architectural environments, Ozel, F., page 161-173.
  • Intelligent systems for supporting architectural design, Carrara, G. and Kalay, Y. and Novembri, G., page 175-185.
  • Solid modeling of architectural design with PLASM language, Paoluzzi, A. and Sansoni, C., page 187-205.
  • Use of data modeling in the conceptual structuring of design problems, Eastman, C.M., page 207-223.
  • A framework for modeling and communicating abstractions of constructed facilities, Zamanian, M.K. and Fenves, S., page 225-239.
  • Mutation and analogy to support creativity in computer-aided design, Gero, J.S. and Maher, M.L., page 241-249.
  • Computational modalities of design evaluation, Kalay, Y.E., page 251-262.
  • What’s in a case - The use of case bases, knowledge bases and databases in design, Rosenman, M.A. and Gero, J.S. and Oxman, R.E., page 263-277.
  • Case-based representation and adaptation in design, Shih, S-G., page 279-290.
  • Refinement and adaptation - Two paradigms of form generation in CAAD, Oxman, R.E. and Oxman, R.M., page 291-305.
  • BAU - A knowledge-based system for the investigation of a basic architectural unit, Kramel, H. and Chen, C-C., page 307-322.
  • Reading architectural plans - A computable model, McLaughlin, S., page 323-339.
  • Intra-medium and inter-media constraints, Ervin, S.M., page 341-354.
  • Recognizing structures - Some problems in reasoning with drawings, White, R., page 355-365.
  • What could artificial intelligence know about the knowledge involved in the design process?, Zreik, K., page 367-379.
  • The impact of computer use on design practice, Coyne, R., page 381-390.
  • ESP - An expert system for property revitalization, Johnson, R.E., page 391-406.
  • XNET2 - Methodological design of local area networks in buildings - An application of the A4 intelligent design tool, Ayrle, H., page 407-414.
  • Architecture of a knowledge-based system for the detailing of reinforced concrete columns, Meinecke, C. and Scherer, R., page 415-426.
  • An integrated KB-CAAD system for the design of solar and low energy buildings, Shaviv, E. and Peleg, U.J., page 427-443.
  • Design tools - Future design environments for visualizing building performances, Milne, M., page 445-455.
  • The first CAAD package (sketch based cad), Vries, M. de and Wagter, H., page 457-467.
  • Interactive scene walkthrough using a physically-based virtual camera, Turner, R. and Balaguer, F. and Gobbetti, E. and Thalmann, D., page 469-478.
  • Leaving the planar universe, Durisch, P. and Anderheggen, E., page 479-492.
  • Creating architectural models by computer-aided prototyping, Streich, B., page 493-505.
  • The reconstruction of the past - The application of new techniques for visualization and research in architectural history, Alkhoven, P., page 507-522.
  • Free hand plotting - Is it live or is it digital?, Bakergem, W.D. van and Obata, G., page 523-537.
  • Data generation for CAAD with digital photogrammetry, Beyer, H.A. and Streilein, A., page 539-549.