Proceedings Tainan, 2003

Digital Design, Research and Practice
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures
Kluwer Academic Publishers


Data and Information: Its organisation, handling and access, Virtual Worlds: Their Creation, Application and Interfaces, Analysis and Creation of Form and Fabric.


Digital Design - Research and Practice
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures. Edited by Mao-Lin Chiu, Jin-Yeu Tsou, Thomas Kvan, Mitsuo Morozumi, and Tay-Sheng Jeng.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2003 ISBN: 1-4020-1210-1


  • Interacting with a Computer Augmented Environment. Jun Rekimoto.
  • Digital Architecture: Theory, Media and Design. Yu-Tung Liu.
  • Changing the Metaphor: Cyberspace as a Place. Yehuda Kalay and John Marx.
  • The Idea Space System: Words as Handles to a Comprehensive Data Structure. Nicole Segers and Bauke de Vries.
  • Querying Design Information through Visual Manipulation of Representational Structures. Rudi Stouffs and Michael Cumming.
  • SpaceScope: Spatial Content-Based Retrieval of Architectural Floor Plans. Jie-Eun Hwang and Jin-Won Choi.
  • Information Modelling for Improving Communication in Design and Construction. Khaldoun Zreik, Rudi Stouffs, Bige Tuncer, Saban Ozsariyildiz, and Reza Beheshti.
  • Emergent Relations: Self-Indexing Media for Case-Based Reasoning. Milton Tan.
  • Development of a New CIS/2 (CIMsteel Integration Standards) Model Viewer. Frank Li-Jan Wang.
  • Interoperable and Extensible Design Information Modelling. Qizhen Yang and Lu Cui.
  • Designing 3D Virtual Worlds as a Society of Agents. Gregory J. Smith, Mary Lou Maher, and John Gero.
  • Learning From Mah Jong: Towards a Multi-Agent System that can Recognize Graphic Units. Henri Achten and Joran Jessurun.
  • Smart Semantic Query of Design Information in a Case Library. Chieh-Jen Lin and Mao-Lin Chiu.
  • Operational Characteristics of a Constructive Memory System for Design Agents. Pak-San Liew and John Gero.
  • Making Rebuttals Available Digitally for Minimising Biases in Mental Judgements. Joo-Hwa Bay.
  • Interactive Mapping Between Knowledge Level and Symbol Level with Geometry: A KL-Model for Design Space Exploration. Teng-Wen Chang, Rob Woodbury, and Sambit Datta.
  • Reflections on Computer-Supported Cooperative Design Systems. Wassim Jabi.
  • Hybrid Spaces of Practice. Bharat Dave.
  • Computer-Aided Creativity and Learning in Distributed Cooperative Human-Machine Networks. Theodore Zamenopoulos and Katerina Alexiou.
  • A Real Time 3D Environment for Collaborative Design. Peter Frost.
  • Designing within Virtual Worlds. Jelena Petric, Giuseppe Conti and Giuliana Ucelli.
  • iCube: Ubiquitous Media Spaces for Embodied Interaction. Taysheng Jeng and Chia-Hsun Lee.
  • An Object Server System for 3D Digital Design Collaboration. Theodor Wyeld.
  • Interaction, Agency and Artefacts. Erik Champion, Bharat Dave and Ian Bishop.
  • Serial Vision Revisited: Prospects of Virtual City Supported Urban Analysis and Design. Chengzhi Peng.
  • From Chinese Gardens to Virtual Environments: A Gateway to Cyberspace. Shang-Li Lin and Sheng-Fen Chien.
  • UrbanLab: Agent-Based Simulation of Urban and Regional Dynamics. Luca Caneparo and Matteo Robiglio.
  • Designing the Virtual Design University. Rivka Oxman.
  • Integrating CAD and 3D Virtual Worlds Using Agents and EDM. Lan Ding, Pak-San Liew, Mary Lou Maher, John Gero and Robin Drogemuller.
  • The AEC Virtual University: Design Oriented Knowledge Transfer Methods and Technologies. Mario de Grassi, Alberti Giretti, Liliana Bazzanella and Luca Caneparo.
  • Light Pen: Sketching Light in 3D. Thomas Jung, Mark Gross and Ellen Yi-Luen Do.
  • A Daylight Design and Regulatory Method for High-Density Cities Using Computational Lighting Simulations. Edward Ng, Tak Yan Chan, Ryan Leung and Percy Pang.
  • Discussing Photon-Mapping and Radiosity-Based Rendering Algorithms to Evaluate Qualitative Lighting Design in Contemporary Architecture. Stephen Wittkopf, Ter Chuan Hung and Mun Keong Boey.
  • Modlum: Illumination Project Aided Design Tool. Christine Chevrier and Jean Pierre Perrin.
  • LightSketch: A Sketch-Modelling Program for Lighting Analysis. Daniel Glaser, Jan Voung, Ling Xiao, Bonnie Tai, Susan Ubbelohde, John Canny and Ellen Yi-Luen Do.
  • Feeling the Heat: Exploring the Impact of Fire in Architectural Structures through Multimodal Interaction. Renato Garcia.
  • A Simulation Study on Public Building’s Staircase Fault Tolerance. Hong-Sheng Chen and Feng-Tyan Lin.
  • How to Plant a Subway System. Thomas Fischer, Mark Burry and John Frazer.
  • A Prototype Generative System for Construction Details: Combining FBS Descriptions with Design Grammars. Scott Chase.
  • A Construction Site in a Scan-based Digital Representation. Naai-Jung Shih.
  • Right Tools for Designing Free-form Geometry. Yi-Chang Chiu and Mao-Lin Chiu.
  • Exploration of Interrelationships between Digital Design and Production Processes of Free-form Complex Surfaces in a Web-Based Database. Tuba Kocaturk, Martijn Veltkamp and Bige Tuncer.