Proceedings Liège, 2011

Designing Together
CAADFutures 2011
Les Éditions de l'Université de Liège


team design, desiging with constraints, modeling in context, sustainable design, BIM, CAAD, human computer interaction, users, new moddeling practices.


Designing together - CAADFutures 2011.
Proceedings of the 14th International conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design.
Edited by Pierre Leclercq, Ann Heylighen and Geneviève Martin.
Les Éditions de l’Université de Liège 2011
ISBN: 978-2-8745-6142-9


  • Comparing Immersion in Remote and Local Collaborative Ideation through Sketches: A Case Study. Tomàs Dorta, Yehuda Kalay, Anne-Marie Lesage and Edgar Perez
  • Shared Space at a Distance: A Model of Integrated Shared Space for Supporting Informal Interaction at a Distance. Thi Lan Truc Nguyen and Beng-Kiang Tan
  • Untangling Parametric Schemata: Enhancing Collaboration through Modular Programming. Daniel Davis, Jane Burry and Mark Burry
  • I Think therefore I-Phone. Dermott Mc Meel
  • Sketch-based Methods for Researching Building Layouts through the Semantic Fingerprint of Architecture. Christoph Langenhan, Markus Weber, Marcus Liwicki, Frank Petzold and Andreas Dengel
  • Universal Design Patterns: Designing a Web-based Tool with Architects. Evelien Verdonck and Hubert Froyen
  • Parametric Design with Standard Elements for non-Standard Architecture. Thierry Ciblac
  • Bridging the Gap in Constraint-based Design. Alejandro Veliz, Benachir Medjdoub and Tuba Kocaturk
  • Top-down Approach to Embed Design Expertise in Parametric Objects for the Automatic Generation of a Building Service Core. Marcelo Bernal and Charles Eastman
  • Towards Morphogenetic Control of Nonstandard Geometries for Designers. Emmanuel Ruffo Dominguez Calderon and Urs Hirschberg
  • Thonet Chair Design Grammar: A Step towards the Mass Customization of Furniture. Màrio Barros, José Pinto Duarte and Bruno Chaparro
  • Extending the Design Process into the Knowledge of the World. Pieter Pauwels, Ronald de Meyer and Jan van Campenhout
  • [Architecture = Computer] - From Computational to Computing Environments. Matthias Haeuusler
  • A Crowdsourcing Urban Simulation Platform Using Mobile Devices and Social Sensing. Dongyoun Shin, Stefan Muller Arisona and Gerhard Schmitt
  • Automated Design and Delivery of Relief Housing: The Case of post-Earthquake Haiti. Deborah Benros, Vasco Granadeiro, Jose Duarte and Terry Knight
  • A Parametric Design Strategy for 4,000 Bus Stops. Hyoung-June Park
  • Use of a Knowledge Model for Integrated Performance Evaluation for Housing (re)Design towards Environmental Sustainability: A Case Study. Irem Erba, Michael S. Bittermann and Rudi Stouffs
  • Sustainable Conceptual Building Design Using a Cognitive System. Michael S. Bitterman
  • A Computer Aided Design Model for Climate Responsive Dwelling Roof. Chitrarekha Kabre
  • A Multi-Dimensional Exploration of Urban Atributes by Data Mining. Ahu Sokmenoglu, Gulen Cagdas and Sevil Sariyildiz
  • Analyzing the Ventilation Performance of Tropical High Density Residential Precincts Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Daniel Hii Jun Chung, Heng Chye Kiang, Malone-Lee Lai Choo et Zhang Ji
  • Sustainable Planning with a Synergetic Collation of Thermal and Dynamic Characteristics of Urban Climate Using Map Based Computational Tools. Edward NG and Chao Ren
  • Designing the Window to Fit a Shading Device: A Reversed Method for Optimizing Energy Efficient Fenestration. Ahmed Sherif and Abbas El Zafarany
  • Automated Cost Analysis of Concept Design BIM Models. Sherif Abdelmohsen, Jinkook Lee and Chuck Eastman
  • Integrated Design Process for Prefabricated Façade Modules with Embedded Distributed Service Systems. Arno Schlueter
  • Creation of an Evolutive Conceptual Know-how Framework for Integrative Building Design. Ivanka Iordanova, Daniel Forgues and François Chiocchio
  • Preliminary Concept Design (PCD) Tools for Laboratory Buildings, Automated Design Optimization and Assessment Embedded in Building Information Modeling (BIM) Tools. Hugo Sheward and Charles Eastman
  • Understanding Pre-Construction Simulation Activities to Adapt Visualization in 4D CAD Collaborative Tools. Conrad Boton, Sylvain Kubicki and Gilles Halin
  • Using 3D Design Software, BIM and Game Engines for Architectural Historical Reconstruction. Stefan Boeyens
  • Addressing User-Centeredness: Communicating Meaningfully through Design. Mithra Zahedi, Manon Guite and Giovanni De Paoli
  • Sensitive Surface. A Reactive Tangible Surface. Ingrid Maria Pohl and Urs Hirschberg
  • A Quantitative Method to Compare the Impact of Design Media on the Architectural Ideation Process. Pierre Côté, Ashraf Mohamed-Ahmed and Sébastien Tremblay
  • Multi-Touch: The Future of Design Interaction. Irene Rui Chen and Marc Aurel Schnabel
  • Backtracking Decisions within a Design Process: A Way of Enhancing the Designer’s Thought Process and Creativity. Temy Tidafi, Nathalie Charbonneau and Salman Khalili Araghi
  • Collaboration Workflow Simplified: Reduction of Device Overhead for Integrated Design Collaboration. Andy Huang, Halil Erhan, Diliara Nasirova, Robert Woodbury, Karine Kozlova and David Botta
  • Cooperative Design to Construction: A Sharable Model for non-Standard Timber Construction. Shaghayegh Shadkhou and Jean-Claude Bignon
  • Navigating Complex Models in Collaborative Work for Integrated (and Sustainable) Design. Andre Chasznar
  • Supporting Collective Intelligence for Design in Virtual Worlds: A Case Study of Lego Universe. Kathryn Merrick and Ning Gu
  • An Urban Information Framework to Support Planning, Decision-Making & Urban Design. Jim Plume and John Mitchell
  • Design Versioning - Problems and Possible Solutions for the Automatic Management of Distributed Design Processes. Sven Schneider, Jörg Braunes, Torsten Thurow and Reinhard Koenig
  • Challenging Architects to Include Haptics in Design: Sensory Paradox between Content and Representation. Jasmien Herssens and Ann Heylighen
  • Using Geo-Located Augmented Reality for Community Evaluation. Mohammad Ashraf Khan and Andy Dong
  • Mediating Artifacts in Architectural Design: A non-Visual Exploration. Peter-Willem Vermeersch, Greg Nijs and Ann Heylighen
  • PedNaTAS: An Integrated multi-Agent Based Pedestrian Thermal Comfort Assessment System. Liang Chen and Edward Ng
  • Change Detection in 3D Parametric Systems: Human-Centered Interfaces for Change Visualization. Diliara Nasirova, Halil Erhan, Andy Huang, Robert Woodbury and Bernhard Riecke
  • Design Support Tools in Practice. The Architects’ Perspective. Evelien Verdonck, Lieve Weytjens, Griet Verbeeck and Hubert Froyen
  • Combined Digital & Physical Modeling with Vision-Based Tangible User Interfaces: Opportunities and Challenges. Chih-Pin Hsiao and Brian Johnson
  • Visual Dataflow Modeling: A Comparison of Three Systems. Patrick Janssen and Kian Wee Chen
  • Ornamental Plate Shell Structures. Milena Stavric and Albert Wiltsche
  • Interactive Structural Analysis. Odysseas Georgiou

Poster presentations:

  • Poster: Using Second Life to Experiment Densification Strategies. Layla Riahi
  • Poster: Specific Operations of Conception of Collaborative Design aided by Studio Digital Caollboratif. Samia Ben Rajeb, Caroline Lecourtois and François Guena
  • Poster: Digital Collaborative Studio: 4 Years of Practice. Stéphane Safin, Sylvain Kubicki, Jean-Claude Bignon and Pierre Leclercq
  • Poster: Integrated Information Platform to Improve Energy Efficiency in the Entire Building Lifecycle. Leandro Madrazo, Marco Massetti, Alvaro Sicilia, Christophe Peters, Gloria Font, Ines Alomar and Sergio Cantos
  • Poster: Parametric Robot Control beyond CAD/CAM. Sigrid Brell-Cockan and Johannes Braumann
  • Poster: CIMEDE: Architectural Modeler for Modular Industrial Building System. Pierre Leclercq, Anne Vande Vreken, Cyril Lorquet and Adrien Dawans
  • Poster: A 3D Modeling Method for Investigating Landscape of a Wide Urban Area in Virtual Reality Using Building Information Modeling Data. Nobuyoshi Yabuki, Takayuki Kawaguchi and Tomohiro Fukuda.
  • Poster: Metaheuristics in Architecture: Using Genetic Algorithms for Constraint Solving and Evaluation. Tiemen Strobbe, Pieter Pauwels, Ruben Verstraeten and Ronald De Meyer
  • Poster: PEBim: From Building Information Modeling to Regulatory Building Energy Assessment. John Schrayen, Vincent Delfosse and Roland Juchmes
  • Poster: A Social Platform for Collaborative Open Design. Thomas Van Bouwel, Andrew Vande Moere and Stefan Boeykens
  • Poster: The New Zoo of Shapes: Algebraic Surfaces and their Application in Architectural Design. Günter Barczik, Daniel Lordick and Olivier Labs
  • Poster: An Adaptive Multi-Agent System for Architectural Sketch Interpretation. Jean-Noël Demaret and Pierre Leclercq
  • Poster: Towards Zero-Energy Architecture by Parametric Strategies. Vincent Macris and Griet Verbeeck
  • Poster: Distributed Evolutionary Design. Patrick Janssen, Cihat Basol and Kian Wee CHEN
  • Poster: Computational Building Performance Modeling Using Parametric Design for Long-Span Structures. Mahsa Nicknam and Mahjoub Elnimeiri
  • Poster: Morphallactic Formations: A Process towards Structural Form. Emmanouil Vermisso
  • Poster: PEB: Thermal Oriented architectural Modeling for Building Energy Efficiency Governmental Regulations. Pierre Leclercq, Roland Juchmes, Vincent Delfosse, Stéphane Safin, Arnaud Dawans and Adrien Dawans
  • Poster: Visualizing Urban Data. Daniel Veerstraeten, Andrew Vande Moere and Oswald Devisch